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Increase energy efficiency and save your business money!

EnergyCzar Inc. is a national leader in energy management applications and services. We offer business clients a systematic solution to energy optimization and sustainability that positively impact the bottom line. EnergyCzar supports a scientific and proactive approach to energy economics and sustainability that organically provides options to save energy. Our experienced energy team is composed of engineers, accredited energy experts and researchers, and other technical professionals.

Professional Energy Services

EnergyCzar provides advanced energy science and strategies with an end-to-end integrated approach that yield real financial results. Our state-of-the-art solutions include products and services as follows:

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For a full list of our smart energy solutions and services or to learn more about EnergyCzar, please contact us.

EnergyCzar is committed to helping each client, regardless of size and location, control costs and use energy more efficiently. Smart Energy Services by EnergyCzar are designed to lower operating cost, reduce energy consumption, streamline business processes, optimize performance and reliability, and improve the environment.

If You Use Energy, We Can Help Save You Money