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About Us

EnergyCzar is a Michigan USA based company with engineering offices throughout North America and Europe. We are a global leader in scientific and engineering development of integrated energy services with a broad range of clients in commercial, manufacturing, and governmental industries implementing smart energy solutions from initial concept to operations. Our team of energy professionals deliver cutting edge energy solutions that reduce energy usage, lower operating cost, streamline business processes, and improve the environment.


Our Mission

We understand our client's goals and embrace them as our own, applying creativity, experience, integrity and dedication to deliver superior energy solutions to the world's energy challenges.


Senior Staff Members

Chris Wagner, Founder and President
Eugene Griffith, Manager of IT Enterprise
Luke Pietscher, Senior Software Engineer
Conrad Sobczynski, Director of Global Sales
Ramona Apostol, Director of Program Management
Shawn Sherry, Executive Assistant
Danny White, Senior Project Manager
Paul Stowers, National Sales Director

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