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GRP Power Plant Installation

Published Apr 29, 2014, 7:38pm

Generator InstallationOne of the projects EnergyCzar is currently overseeing is the installation of two power plants for a client in Grand Rapids, MI. The project involves three one megawatt Caterpillar generators as well as their respective radiators, switchgear housings, and a bevy of capacitor banks. The first generator was delivered and installed without incident on a typically February day in Michigan which meant snow and sub-zero temperatures. Fast forward to April and generator 1 is up and running smoothly. In the future we'll be publishing a benchmark study on this first installation as the results have been nothing short of incredible. Facility power factor is up from the mid-60s to an average of 95% allowing for greater control and peak shaving netting the customer massive savings. Although the energy needs at the second facility are substantially different we're hopeful the results will be similar in terms of savings and overall performance benefits.

This week brought us the delivery of the remaining two generators and support components for the second facility. Better weather yielded faster installation with both generators and radiators being placed in about two hours. The coming weeks should prove very exciting for the client as their investment will start manifesting tangible returns. We have posted some photo galleries of the process to our facebook and google+ pages as well as some videos below.

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