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EnergyCzar in the Community

The goal of EnergyCzar, Inc. is to reduce wasteful energy (electric, gas, water/sewer etc.) and save our clients' money without compromising production, quality, or the comfort of the environment. Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where sustainability is a fundamental characteristic as national leaders in green building projects, we currently rank fourth in the nation in number of certified LEED projects. EnergyCzar was established after working with struggling businesses that desperately needed energy solutions to balance out the high costs of energy and the volatile economy.

EnergyCzar is committed to continuous research and development of smart energy solutions; born from true energy science. Our products and services have been proven to help businesses reduce energy usage, sustain long-term profitability, and improve the environment. EnergyCzar understands the challenges businesses face today and the future of emerging smart grid technology. Implementing EnergyCzar's smart energy solutions enables clients to concentrate on what they do best while maintaining their social responsibility.

We believe that it is our corporate and social responsibility to assist the community we live in and gives back to the Grand Rapids community through various avenues. If you are a non-profit organization located in Michigan and would like EnergyCzar to support your organization or events please send all formal requests at least 60 days prior to your event for consideration to Due to the number of requests we receive please note that we cannot grant all requests.

Urban Family Ministries
The Salvation Army
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Lifequest Ministries
Grand Rapids Black Chamber of Commerce

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