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Increase energy efficiency and save your business money!

Energy Procurement

EnergyCzar cutting edge commodity tools allow you to explore and control your deregulated energy options to reduce electricity and natural gas costs for your business. After discovering alternate energy suppliers and analyzing market options available in your demographic area, EnergyCzar investigates, negotiates and assists in structuring energy supply contracts for your business—identifying the best combination of price and reliability for you.

EnergyCzar Puts You in Control of Your Business’ Energy Supply

EnergyCzar saves your business money by:

  • Aggressively scrutinizing all of the competitive options against standard service rates
  • Evaluating pricing and tariff rate schedules from up to 15 energy providers nationwide
  • Negotiating contract terms and conditions to fit your business’ unique needs
  • Identifying the most effective combination of price and reliability for your business
  • Consolidate the process of comparing electricity and natural gas market

EnergyCzar encourages energy suppliers to react to your business’ needs, goals and timetables. Utilities and suppliers are providing the same commoditized product: electric or natural gas. With the EnergyCzar’s procurement services, clients have the ability to leverage for better pricing by utilizing cutting-edge comparison tools that provide full transparency.

Learn more about the electric and natural gas deregulation market by clicking on your specific geographical location below.

Data provided by The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)