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Increase energy efficiency and save your business money!

Energy Management Applications

EnergyCzar translates energy efficiency into real business results with energy services designed to save money and optimize operation performance. Our scientific approach to energy management puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to your business’ energy supply and demand-side management.

Top floor to shop floor visibility with PowerMetricEi Energy Intelligence

EnergyCzar's suite of PowerMetricEi applications are designed to meet the challenging energy needs of your business today and tomorrow using customized hardware and proprietary software. PowerMetricEi empowers clientele with the experience of enterprise efficiency that provides visibility into energy and other resources use across your organization.

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PowerMetricEi Energy Intelligence is an intuitive and dynamic tool that transforms energy data into essential energy information to manage energy supply and identify areas of continuous improvement that reduce operating expenses. A successful deployment of PowerMetricEi integrated systems delivers:

  • Software dashboard platform accessible via network and/or web browser
  • Real-time results in energy cost accounting, energy supply, and energy-saving investment targets
  • Energy profiling and load curing, price response for special rate tariffs, Demand Response (DR)
  • Performance matrix that analyze energy usage, power quality, reliability, and process improvements
  • Energy Efficiency as it relates to master planning, energy investment modeling, and project impact validation
  • Automation and controls abilities to sustainable short, mid, and long-term energy strategies
  • Environmental Impact: green building ratings, GHG technical reporting, and analytical carbon footprint
  • Monitor backup generation, co-generation, UPS systems and alternative renewable energy sources
  • Building ratings: EPAct, ENERGYSTAR, LEED certified and benchmarking analysis