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Utility Cost Management

EnergyCzar has the expertise and the information tools to positively impact your business’s bottom line. Our ability to capture energy usage in real-time allow us to automatically audit utility expenses, ensure correct billing and rate tariff accuracy, and control energy supply pricing index more precisely.

Utility Expense Processing & Analysis

For companies with many locations across the country, the need to drive down utility costs and improve facility efficiency is critical to stay competitive. Tracking invoice data and conducting comprehensive audits to ensure the correct amounts are being paid is labor intensive and often outside the scope of most accounts payable departments. Dealing with billing mistakes becomes a reactive, rather than proactive, task.

EnergyCzar provides complete utility cost management to all of these tasks so our clients are able to focus on proactively driving cost savings and facility efficiencies. Utility Expense Processing and Analysis provides a fully outsourced payment solution with detailed data analysis including an open platform Energy Dashboard, dynamic reporting, and other performance metric capabilities. EnergyCzar consolidates multiple invoices into one simple invoice for the client to process and provides instantaneous energy accounting data on-demand. Our clients can therefore better track how each facility manages energy, water and waste costs and consumption.

Our expense processing & analysis solutions will help your company


Understand your energy, water and waste consumption and spending using real-time aggregated billing information that provides actionable insight across your portfolio and organization.


Identify opportunities to address discrepancies in usage and/or cost and implement low cost no cost solutions.


Develop a lasting advantage by understanding energy consumption and spend across your portfolio resulting in continuous improvement programs and achieving MBE targets.

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